How long till medication starts to work?

Hi, I’m new here. I had my first bout of TN in 2000. Then again in 2005 and was basically in remission until Sunday when it hit me again. I got into Dr. Monday afternoon and was started on Dilantin 200mg twice a day. I had an allergic reaction in 2000 to tegretol. Because its been almost 10 years since my last episode I can’t remember how long until the drugs start to work. I’ve had a slight decrease in pain but definitely not enough. Am I looking at a few more days or weeks? Should I be going back to Dr. for different dosage or more medication? I just can’t remember how long I need to suffer like this until the medication starts to work. Also I do have an impacted tooth (I think it’s a canine or incisor) (not a wisdom or molar) on that side. The location of the impacted tooth and the tooth above it is extremely painful. Could that cause the neuralgia flare up or is the added pain there a result of the neuralgia. Thanks just looking for advice/support.

Ask your pharmacist how long it should take to reduce symptoms for neuropathic pain.

Can you get lidocaine mouthwash called in - by your dentist ASAP?

do you have TN1 - lightning strikes? or ATN - burning, constant.....