Hospital admission

Hey guys, my pain got so bad that i came in to the ER i has morhpine, dilantin, valium for pain, and i’m still in pain. I really need hope, my boyfriend and daughter just left! He told me this a living hell.

Sorry you're suffering so. Are you taking any anti-convulsants? No pain meds ever touch mine, only anti-convulsants help. ((((((HUGS))))))))

Like Donna, I also got relief only from anticonvulsants. I got prescribed 3 or 4 different types of pain meds but it was like popping in candies, no effect whatsoever.

I hope you'll feel better soon, xxx

Yes, the pain got so bad wednesday night i ended up in the emergency room, the only things that helps with pain is dilantin in the iv, im starting to take lyrica, im having horrible side effects. they want me here a couple of days to find a way to manage the pai. Thank you ladies.

My PERSONAL opinion (not medical in ANY way) is that you need anti-convulsants! There are MANY of them out there and you should try them to see if they work. I got relief within 8 hours of the FIRST 100mg dose. Some people it takes a few days, but not for me. Then I had breakthrough pains at different times and had to have increases. I have been on 1200mg of Tegretol (Carbamazepine) since December and have done pretty well on that. I have to split it into 3 doses to keep some of the side effects in control.