Hoping that I've found the cause of my neuralgia!

I’ve been in agony all month I’ve had xrays that showed no problems, there was no redness or swelling in my mouth neither the doctor or dentist could find a problem!

But today over the course of 2 hours a squishy lump appeared down in my gum! It’s just burst releasing what I think is pus and blood! I’ve had codeine a few hours ago as I was in agony but since it has burst I am feeling less pain! I’m really hoping that was the cause of the neuralgia, just waiting for the effects of the painkillers to wear off so I can tell! I can’t believe nothing showed up on the xrays!!!

Strictly speaking, abscess and neuralgia are quite separate processes, Touie -- though I've talked with a few patients whose neuralgia appeared to first emerge after dental treatment of an abscess. Let us hope that what you're dealing with is truly an abscess rather than an inflammatory or damage condition of the nerves in your face.

Red does the degree of pain you feel relate to the amount of damage to your nerves? Once damaged does that then reflect in amount of pain you have? Hoping it is the abscess causing all your pain x

Elstep, I've never seen quantitative analysis which actually puts a "measure" on the degree of physical damage that nerves have sustained, much less to match this presumed level of damage to a level of pain. Damage can rarely actually be seen in imagery, other than perhaps when a significant tumor or neuroma or MS plaques can be detected. So we seem "stuck" for the moment with qualitative measures.

Regards, Red

I'll have to keep an eye on it must admit it was full of fluidy stuff I would have expected proper pus in an abcess! After it burst I felt less pain than I had all month however I just put drops in my ear ( as requested by my doctor as I refused to have it syringed) and now the pain has started in my ear :(!)

Still in just as much pain as normal this morning :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. We all cling to hope that it is something else xx

Well I went to the dentist again this week and demanded more xrays and again they showed nothing!!! No tooth problems or abcesses at all!!! I’m sure they are starting to think I am mad in there I keep going in , demanding xrays and then crying when they are clear!!!

After that I headed off to the doctors again and she has decided to treat me for shingles just in case that bubble that appeared was a shingles spot, it turned straight into an ulcer :frowning: