Hi Everyone! New here and just had a few questions

I was just recently diagnosed with GPN and have A LOT of questions,as it seems we all do still on here,along with our doctors!

I was wondering if anyone has heard of or knows if this can be brought on or associated with whiplash from a car accident?

And one of my symptoms that started with all of this,is that im severely off balance. I am always catching myself stumbling,tripping,running into things....last night i walked into a parked car because of it! It kind of looks like im quite inebriated when Im walking,and ive actually felt the need to explain to people that im not....its THAT obvious. Ive been pouring over all of the discussions on here,soaking up every little bit of information,but thats one symptom i wasnt really seeing mentioned that much.

Any bit of info helps!Hope you're all doing well this evening.


I have seen some articles on trauma causing arachnoiditis that rarely leads to GPN. Don't know how long ago your injury was but one article said iv steroids within 3 months of injury may help the damage. Sorry I did not bookmark that article. Hope you can find a doctor who will listen and help.

Cassi, have you been evaluated for multiple sclerosis? GPN and ms are sometimes concurrent, and ms can cause balance problems.

Another condition to rule out would be ataxia. Looking inebriated while walking is a symptom of ataxia, and there can be cranial pain with ataxia as well.

Please raise these possibilities with your doctor. I hope they can both be ruled out, of course. Keep us posted.