HELP with Neurologist

is it common for a neurologist to be totally non responsive? I have been trying to see him for two weeks but am scheduled for thursday.

I was in ER Friday around 11:30am and they gave me two shots of dilauded and called my neurologist four times and he never responded. Out of desperation he looked it up (probably Dr. Google ha ha) and added baclofen. It seems to help a little. Of course my neurologist wouldnt see me today so I asked if they would at least call in a presc for baclofen. she said she would check and call back today.

Get rid of him…Action cures Anxiety!

All the best!


Thanks. Thats what I thought. I didn't think it was just me.

Sometimes I can be a man of few words in regards to physicians. The reason is simple for me, I worked with them as well as attorneys for over 30 years selling defined benefit plans with my 50% partner who was a women. I will make a general statement…they are mostly arrogant to a fault…I call them the kings and queens of the world, because we see them for help,advice, and yes compassion. Your post suggests neither. In light of this I always said to my professional clients and my current doctors, if You or I have a question would it seem reasonable for each to return a phone call within 24 hours? Look very deeply into their eyes and you will know the answer even without them saying a word. If they are reluctant I say …NEXT:)
Love your pic, how very cool.