HELP..teeth sensitivity in one tooth but dentist said it's ok..For 3 .5 yrs

I hate how this condition likes to pick on one area and rarely leave it alone!!! I’ve had 8 different Dentists and specialists check my trigger tooth over and over again for 3.5 yrs!!! I seriously look like a psycho lady every time I ask…i had several high tech Cone beam xrays but they still find nothing!! What’s maddening as well the tooth and surrounding area burns, aches like a toothache . it has sensitivity when the touchs hot n cold . The other day I told my dentist I had swelling but he said "No I don’t feel it " The other day my Neuro said “Leslie you know it’s not the tooth!”…I know it’s true but I still get so upset!!
I know the motto of many other sufferers is DONT DO ANYTHING …dont touch it! So much easier said than done when pain is at 10 again !!

I just hate having a long amazing 8 month remission and now have some meds that I’m becoming resistant to…
Every time I come out of remission this happens but worse and worse
Please tell me I’m not crazy?! :sleepy:

I have ATN which is confusing enough.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different response.

I tend to think you’re driving yourself insane constantly checking your tooth. You’ve done your due diligence. You know it’s not the tooth itself. You know you have ATN. In my opinion you need to turn your attention to managing the pain and stop trying to fix the tooth or find a cause related to the tooth.

Pain management is going to be your key. You manage that and you’ll stop getting so upset and so frustrated.

Have you tried lidocaine? Either cream or patch? I’m a big fan of the patch. It seems to calm the nerves that create the slow long ache of ATN. Cut a strip and run it along your cheek along the section of your jaw where the tooth pain is located. It won’t be a 100% fix but it may settle it all down.

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I get how crazy-making that can be. 3 and a half years is a looong time to be dealing with one tooth. I recently had a root canal on the tooth that’s been bothering me for over a year, of course it just moved the pain further up. What dental work have you had done on the tooth, if any?

If you do have a lot of hot and cold sensitivity on that tooth, you might try sealing the dentin better, with something like Sensi-stop strips (they did help me a little), or MI paste that you can get from the dentist. Though the MI paste seemed to make tartar faster. Or fluoride mouth washes like ACT.

Currently I’m working with my diet, and eliminating foods that definitely make things worse. I’ve knocked out caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and excess sugar, and trying a gluten-free diet again. Just avoiding known triggers as much as possible seems to help a lot.

Hey ziggy, what’s with caffiene as a trigger? Is it the liquid hot/cold of the caffiene? Like hot coffee or really cold pop? Or did you think it’s actually the caffiene?

Alcholo makes sense to me since it stimulates blood flow to the surface, I can see how increased blood flow can make pain worse. And artificial sweeteners do all kinds of odd things - speaking of those, did you test the different ones out there? Each one typicall has a different reaction, for example I use the “blue packet” but I can’t use the “pink packet” stuff at all it gives me a terrible migraine.

I would think caffiene would help the pain. Not only does it constrict blood flow which helps restrict pain but it helps you metabolize meds faster overall. I dunno. How did you find caffiene to be a personal trigger? Considering I basically live on Dt. Mt. Dew I’m very interested in what you’ve found!

Caffeine and other stimulants definitely kick things up a notch for me. The hot fluids get the nerve going in the morning also, but it is worse with caffeine.

Alcohol is strange in that it makes things feel better at first, a nerve sedative I guess. But after it starts to wear off my teeth really hurt bad. So I know when I take a drink I will pay for it later.

I consider artificial sweeteners to be poison–this from a former 3 a day diet soda drinker. I almost killed my dog with sugarless gum. The only ones I would consider are a tiny bit of Stevia or Monk fruit.

I feel your pain. I had one affected tooth for years. I eventually had a root canal on that stupid tooth for absolutely no reason!! Thank goodness my dentist knows better or I might have no teeth by now!

I decided to just retreat the root canal and if it isnt better ill let it go . My endo doesnt think it will help but said he will retreat it on oct 3rd. My General dentist and neurologist said to try it . I think they want me to shut up after this. I just dont understand why Advil helps it if its a neuralgia. My neurologist and General practitioner said its not a neuralgia if advil helps. I think that why she thinks a retreat should be tried…My teeth and gums are so sensitive on both sides. I just need a break. Thanks for your advice

Yes, I’ve had two root canals that were probably not necessary and didn’t help much. I’d have to disagree about advil (ibuprofen) and acetominophen–for me they help temporarily with pain, but it comes back quickly and worse. The drugs that work best for pain for me are opiods or benzodiazephines, but they are a last resort, as the side effects of overuse are not pleasant (plus it’s difficult to get a prescription in the first place).