Help me with you guidance

I have cervical spondilitis, with a compressed cord, stiffness of neck, pain in the centre spine, right side of lower arm, needle like shooting pain is radiating to the right side of my head, needel like pain in the bottom site of my tounge, having sinusities, parathyroid harmone is about 125. Due to my severe tounge pain am having speech difficulty, not able to concentrate on my work, not able to remember the things due to nerve pain the head. Please do help me what course of treatment I should go for. Is it curable or not . Doing daily excercise"

Hey there,

First of all what I will say; is none of us here are doctors and can't advise you on what course of treatment to follow or offer you a diagnosis as I can see that you haven't yet been diagnosed with GPN. It sounds like you have a number of issues going on, and I have no knowledge of any of them to be able to offer you suggestions for anything other than the GPN, it may be that there is a larger issue that would need to be treated first.

What I will say is that with GPN there are a number of causes, some people don't get more than one attack, and go into remission, others will relapse and remit without needing medication, others as myself are medication dependant, it could be that if it is GPN it could be as a result of Eagles syndrome, which is operable, or normal GPN, which is also opperable but its more invasive and far more dangerous. I don't know if you're asking is it curable, or if its curable by excercise, and certainly I heard nothing to say that excercises could cure the condition, although some do find that brisk excercise can help their attacks.

I wish I could give you some definitive answers but at this stage what I would advise is to speak to your GP, your neuro, see if you can get a diagnosis confirmed, if there are specific questions you have I'm sure we'll try and answer to the best of our ability, but again please understand when can't diagnose, or advise courses of treatment, we're all in the same boat and any knowledge we have of this is from going throughthe same thing.

I hope that is somewhere to start for you though and that that is of some help,

Much love

Gracie x x x

I have to agree with Gracie wholeheartedly on this one.

You have so many other problems that could be really need to speak with your specialists about what is going on.

I recommend a pain diary. You can get a day planner with the times of day in it. Then write in it what it feels like and how many times the pain hits in an hour. Sometimes you might have to use hash marks if the pain is hitting severe and many times in one hour. Describe in it what the pain feels like, where it is and on a scale from 1-10 the level your pain is at. Then take that with you to your specialists to give them a better picture of what is going on.

I truly hope you find relief and the guidance you are seeking.


To my knowledge the GP nerve doesn't go lower than the voice box (at least on the average person).

It sounds like you have more going on than just GPN.

i have very similar symptoms. severe compression from scar tissue formed during a face lift.. who diagnosed this. there are treatments but hard to find. im in florida.

i certainly do. very hard to seperate so many symptoms.