Help! Losing my insurance, really scared and overwhelmed

Hi everyone

I am in a really hard situation here and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I turned 26 last week and that means at the end of the month (next Wednesday) I will be off my parents health insurance. Along with the TN I am recovering from sinus surgery and have to go weekly to get the scabs removed (which I found out isn't just an office visit it's like 3000 dollars everytime I go-my insurance is probably thrilled that I will be kicked off), and I also have heart problems and dysautonomia.....basically I'm a medical mess. The odds of me getting an affordable individual plan are like an ice cube's chance in hell. I was only diagnosed with the TN a few weeks ago so it is really new and I'm in so much pain because they are still trying to get everything under control.

Has anyone else had experience with this? What did you do? Any ideas for loopholes, are there any?


Hi Amanda — I'm so sorry about your situation. Did you attend college and were you ever apart of a sorority or any type of professional organization? I know that the sorority I am an alum of, they offer emergency insurance plans for their alums. I know that a lot of professional organizations offer the same types of things (and you'd never know). Are you able to work? I would immediately go get a job at Starbucks — I believe that you can work their for 20 hrs a week (maybe 30) and get full benefits. Hope those ideas help?? It will get better!! Good luck!! Cheers, Jessica

You may be able to find something to help if you put in the search box " help with medical care and health costs."An article by Sheila.Sorry to say with being from UK it is hard for me to advise. All the best with this.

Thank you all so much for the suggestions. I will look into them.



I'm so sorry you're going through this. I currently have an individual plan insurance. I don't know where you're located but here's what I have... I am with Regence Blueshield. My insurance plan is called the Evolve HSA 80/20 plan. It costs 210$ per month. However, the deductible I have is 1500$. It is pretty darn good coverage for a catastrophic plan (meaning that the coverage is much less and that the deductible is so high). My prescriptions are at the most 2$ and now that I have met my deductible I only pay 20% of any doctor's bill. I can see whatever doctor I want as long as that doctor works with Regence Blueshield. My plan does not have a co-pay rate as many better insurance plans do (comprehensive insurance). Most health visits, surgeries and emergency care under the plan I am on. However, the percentage you pay for your hospital visit is higher than just seeing a doctor on my plan.

You are in a good position right now as you have had continuous coverage for the past long years. It is very important that you get onto an insurance plan before your insurance runs out. This will enable you to not have to fill out a health questionaire when getting new insurance which can dictate what rates you get.. ie. the sicker you are the worse the rates. If I remember correctly, I think you will also be exempt from the waiting period as long as you do not have a lapse in coverage (you get insurance before your current insurance runs out). All of the above applies to most large main stream insurance companies.

My mom is an insurance agent and I can give you her number if you like or ask her for some advice for you. However, some of the options that you can find through the Coping with Crisis link on this website may give you better options. Have you or your parents talked to your insurance agent about what your options might be?

In Washington State, we have a state insurance program for low-income folks. They have very good coverage with low cost premiums. Perhaps, the state in which you live has a program such as this.

Let me know if you would like me to ask for advice from my mom. I hope any of this helped. You're still in a good spot and smart to be taking steps to getting onto a new plan before yours runs out. Take care. Johanna

I would check out this federal government website at

There is such a thing as a federal high risk pool now.