Heart ireggularitys

Can anyone help please I was diagnosed with gpn after ruleing out eagles I have repeatedly told them my heart has episodes of iregularity they said my heart nothing to do with it but it continues to do this I had a heart check five years ago my heart was fine I know that the vagas nerve can be irritated by an artery causeing this but they say no they put me on pregabalin wich I am afraid to take as one of the side effects is tacicardia heart failure rytham distubances I fear I will die if I take them I am terribly upset and dont know what to do because I can feel it happening yet no one belives me I am back at solford royal manchester england this wed I have not taken the tablets and I dont know how to explain why or what is happening to me I am scared that they will once again ignore my pleas they sent me back to my gp for heart test but as I had already had them five years ago and they were fine he would not do another he then wrote to my consultant sayin my fears I go on wed but I have not taken the pregabalin because of fear of the side effects please can someone help me what to do

Have you had a 3-day Holter Monitor done? Hopefully this could pick up on any arrhythmias or irregular heart rhythms. Hang in there, you sound so discouraged. We all believe you. I have these heart palpitations myself..

Hi Julie,

Five years is a long time. You're on medication that can have complications and you are experiencing concerning symptoms. I would be asking your neurologist to either investigate or to refer you so you can have follow up testing for your heart. They at least have a baseline to compare to from the previous test. State the facts and flag you don't find no action acceptable. If the neuro is not helpful, trigger it through the hospital with your GP.

That's terrific news Julie. You must be so relieved - All the best with the surgery :)

Happy for you Julie!! Hope the surgery gives you much relief :slight_smile: