Having upper endoscopy and need advice

I’m having an endoscopy after trying several medications from GI and trying digestive enzymes with $$ probiotics for indigestion.

I asked that they have me lay on my right side, instead of traditional left, spray much lidocaine, extra lubing on scope, and use a pediatric mouth gaurd. They say it takes 10-15 minutes. Since I have Atypical pain in my “left” side cheek, ear, and at times throat, it was my idea to lay right. The GI is accommodating, but had fears has he never had a patient like me. He feels he can keep tube to right, but may move a bit, but will keep it on mind.

I’m quote concerned about having the tube touch something triggering the neuralgia and wonder if anyone has had this scope and problems or ideas? I don’t want to wake up to intense symptoms. Any thoughts?

I’m having some ok days recently, meaning about a 5 out of 10, if I don’t talk much or get stressed. My once numb bottom lip has been pretty good and last months left tongue numbness ok.

Quite Grateful! Kathy