Have anyone tried any portable ultra sound devices for pain?

Nanovibronix is name of ultra sound device for trigeminal neuralgia pain. I have tried numerous of pain medications and procedures my doctors have recommended. Nothing is decreasing my pain.

Thanks Cleo. Maybe I should clarify a bit better in my profile of what i mean when i say i couldnt walk or talk. As far as not being able to talk I meant so many days the pain was so excruciating that I didnt want to talk I couldnt bare to talk. As far as not being able to walk it was due to the ketamine infusion procedures I had and my nerves in my body was Limb. My motor skills was off due to the Ketamine infusions that the doctors thought would help my pain if My nerves were reset. However just like all the other procedures and medication the doctors recommended nothing has helped my pain. There are days I am ok and other days i dont feel like being bothered due to the chronic pain in my nerves. I try and still continue with my daily activities such as being a mother, working, etc

Do you have nerve pain in areas other than your face/jaw? If you search on this site you should be able to find some discussions on the Pain shield.

I was diagnosed with TN in May of this year. I've done so much research and came across Nanovibronix so I came on here to see if anyone had used it and what their results were. I guess not since you've not had an answer. Do you have this device? If so, what are your results.