Has anyone heard of this procedure being used for GPN?

Okay, so I was researching pain management. Came across M.D. in Johnson City, Tennessee (funny, my hometown area) who has trialed something < at time of this video in '09 he had treated 9 patients with this> I haven't heard of:

Essentially the neurosurgeon makes a burr hole, places right frontal intraventricular pump <ventriculostomy - which is pretty low risk>like , it then delivers marcaine and lidocaine directly to brain. Less drugs = > relief. Operates the opposite of CSF shunt (for those of you in medical fields).

Patients all had a variety of dx which caused chronic pain (e.g., oncology, TN, etc). Most impressive was one woman who had actually attempted suicide 7 times d/t headaches <kicked in head by horse while on the job>. At her 5 year f/u she was still stable!! Another man had been in hospital ~ 5 times a year for 15 years due to severe pain (had over 22 mastoid infections). Deconditioned due to primary activity only sleeping. He had the procedure, now at 5 year f/u stable, up and moving....

Another patient: 84yof with MS and hypoglossal/V1-2 pain, she did well until she died later d/t CHF. <not related, but at least pain free>

Has anyone else heard of this? Ever for GPN? I did call and speak with his office, going to submit my medhx and see what they say??

Joan,Interesting, I have run across medical accounts of cocaine being injected directly to the 9th cranial nerve, but only to allow a person to eat. A temporary fix, at most.