GPN and Vertigo

Hello all,

I was wondering if there is a connection between GPN and vertigo. It seems like they go hand-in-hand for me. I have "benign positional vertigo" and suffer from bouts if I sleep on my right side - the painful side. But it seems like when the GPN pain is really bad, I also have vertigo. Does anyone experience this? I suppose the cure would be to NOT sleep on my right side, but sometimes I flop around in my sleep........

Just curious........Nikki

i have vertigo, but with so much facial scar tissue, i dont know what i clearly have, how do you clarify the diagnosis,. positive neuropathy tissue sample.i can oonly sleep on one side.

Sorry it took me so long to respond my beautiful friend. I believe that the vertigo stems from compression to the 10th nerve as well. Stimulation to the Vagus nerve can cause weird arrthymias and low heart rates and cause dizziness, vertigo, fainting.

Hi Tess! Yes, there was a long delay in your response.............(I posted that on Jan 25, 2011). But that's OK. The vertigo is not so bad these days, but I am in SO MUCH PAIN!!!! Worse than usual and for a long time. The right-side back of my throat, my posterior 1/3 of my tongue, and my ear are absolutely THROBBING. And the bad taste in my mouth is nasty, nasty, nasty. I'd scream, but it would hurt too bad. It's almost 3:00 p.m., and I'm still in my jammies - that's how bad it is. I'm only consuming liquids lately (would LOVE wine, but I don't want to mix alcohol and meds). I am SO SICK OF THIS BS. That 10th cranial nerve is very can even refer pain to your abdomen - which I also have - and it seems to flair up when I'm having a bad attack of my various cranial neuralgias. I can't wait for this one to pass so I can have a little wine with my whine! Hope you're well, Tess. And happy!

Just had my first bout of vertigo this morning. I was getting the "flat spins" in bed as I woke up. Haven't felt like that since I was in college (from alcohol). I decided to stay put and work from home because I couldn't trust myself to drive. The vertigo lasted until about noon.

As the vertigo is a new symptom for me, I'm wondering if the cause of my GPN is changing/worsening, or if this is just the natural progressing of the neuralgia itself (i.e., adding more symptoms as time goes on). Thoughts from the members?

Just had my first bout of vertigo this morning. I wasn't sure if it was the GPN or the Tegretol.

I have had some vertigo also this morning. Rats..

May we talk about coughing? Does anyone cough with this? I have a cough when I speak, no speaking.............

no coughing. And I get hoarse with it. I am seeing an E.N.T. next week, until then I am whispering and thus not coughing. Gabapentin contains my pain. So! Anyone else coughing? Thanks,

Funtsie ( whispering)