Gamma Knife

Has anyone had the Gamma Knife procedure done?

Hi Birdman, you would be better to put this question on the main message board also if you put the work Gamma Knife into the search box any past discussions will come up. A member named Albee had it done recently. My only concern is that I have heard that it may harm your chances of having a successful MVD if you require it later.

I think Albee is now considering an MVD.

I had it done on March 20th. I typed in Gamma Knife and keep coming to this site. I do feel better. It will not do a whole lot if you also have atypical. So do your research. A good neurosurgeon will not advise if you have atypical as it will make it worse. I have lost the gum and teeth pain. My jaw is freed up more than before. It takes 3 months to figure out if the procedure has become successful or not.