Gabapentin vs. Gaba

I am going off Gabapentin due to side effects, even though it helped some with eye pain (fun house, anyone?). I am switching t non-perscription GABA from a health food store. My doctor said they were pretty much the same (???) Anyone have any further information than this? After I clean my system out of Gabapentin, I am switching to 4 sublingal Gaba (125 mg each) a day, then 6. If needed I will then add Lyrica. One side effect of Gaba that no one told me about (not even the perscripion information) was how I am constantly hungry. I hope this doesn’t happen with Gaba, but I imagine it will. So will end up a 600 lb woman without eye pain. Fair trade to me!!!

Something is decidedly odd here. In your position, I would call your doctor's office and ask him if this is what he actually meant. GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) isn't remotely chemically related to Gabapentin, and as far as I know it isn't recognized as a treatment for any recognized neuropathic condition.

Regards, Red