First Time Diagnosis - Long Time Pain Sufferer

Hey all,

I have yet to see my new Neuro - first one was an a$$hole (they are booking for Jan. but the office admin is trying to squeeze me in sooner) to confirm my diagnosis of ATN - but it fits & my medical case worker from work (redundant ¿) suggested it..........

anyways, my family Doc agreed so I've started on 100 mg Carbamazepine twice a day. I am to go for bi-weekly blood work to monitor my liver.

Has anyone had experience with this drug?

Further, my pain is what I call a "bits n bites" or nerve pain/stimuli. My ears ring - sometimes worse than others. My eyes seem very puffy and the right one drooped for about 6 weeks.....this is in addition to the perma-migraine, shooting, stabbing, bring you to your knees, take your breath away 'episodes' (& I have a HIGH pain tolerance).....

Anyways - just wondering if anyone out there has had any experience/anything similar?

~ Harm None ~

I currently take two 200mg Carbamazepine three times per day. I don't think your even on an effective dose yet. You absolutley need to make slow progressions to get to your effective and tolerable dose. I only get my liver function checked every other month or so. It was a lot more frequent at the beginning. My GAMMA GLUTAMYL TRANSFERASE test would normally be around 140 which is very high, but was told it was still tolerable.

I do have severe stabbing in the ear, swelling, the "bits & bites", perma migraine, me lipes and cheek feel like they are on fire, and shocks around my jaw. I have I and II and have an MVD on Thursday.

My worst triggers are noise, chewing, talking, showering, brushing/washing hair, and wind. The side effects of my meds are nausea, very tired, bad memory (forgetting words), and not tolerant to heat. I also have a very high pain tolerance and have been told that by medical personel. On one other note, my PCP and neurologist did not see a conpression on any of the MRIs but the neurosurgeon did. He viewed the same MRIs, not different ones.

I hope this information helps!

Hey Mandie - thanks so much for responding - that is SO helpful - just good to hear someone has something similar if nothing else.

We shall see about this med.....I'm not keen on chemical drugs and wonder if the side effects will inhibit my returning to work - I work in the Financial Services industry & manage a team that administers 150 billion dollars a day (we do international money transfers) - couldn't IMAGINE having to decide whether or not to approve a $1 mill wire with a foggy head - or a painful one....

Thanks again for the info....