Finally Getting Treatment

I just got great news after 8 years! I saw a new neurologist and I’m getting a Gamma Knife treatment. He said I have acute facial pain. I went for the lumbar puncture yesterday (not fun) for the first part of the treatment. That is far worst than the Gamma Knife. When the doctor did the spinal tap; wow! I thought my head was going to explode! The lumbar puncture took all day and I was down for about a day-half. The Gamma Knife they say, I can resume normal activities as soon as I leave. I should start to notice results in 1-3 weeks they say. Varies on they patient. It just seems so unreal that in less in a week that I could be hopefully pain free. Cried when the doctor told me I could go for the gamma knife. My new doctor couldn’t believe I went 8 years without treatment. So, if you don’t like what one doctor tells you, go to another-- treatment is out there. People with TN & acute facial pain do not have to suffer. Do not give up, be more stubborn than your pain. Be a pain to your pain until it goes away. Until you have peace… My Gamma knife is Aug 1st! Ms. E

Best wishes to you Ms. E as your gamma Knife appt. approaches!
Let us know how you’re doing!
(( hugs)) Mimi

Mimi, thank you for the well wishes. Its been a long road. I wont know how to act!
I wish all the best to you too. Thank you for the support and for reading my words. Ms. E