Failed MVD surgery

I had MVD surgery4-2013 I have been in extreme pain since. Dr’s have me on 1800mgs of Gabpentin. I went back to the Dr. who did the surgeruy for help. Last week. He said he cant help me. Said to diuble the Gabpentin. To me that is to much. My Vit levels drop and I am on B-12, D-31000mg and at times my Poss. drops. It dropped the Possum. level that it put me in the hospital The Dr. I saw has past me off to another Dr. for Gama Knife. but everything I have read has scared me. I am on a Narcotic for pain which helps some. My Primary Dr. doesn’t like it. But he don’t like seeing me in this pain. My Neurologist wanted to send me To John Hopkins. I taked with them they wanted to do Rhiztomy. I cant afford to go there. Is there any help out there.

i had a failed MVD also. now i am on Carbatrol ER 300 mg 3 x a day and Phenytoin 100mg 3 times a day and my pain has stopped.with NO side effects. I just hope it lasts thru the winter, my next course is GK

Ask for new med regimen. Baclafin and triliptol ( excuse my spelling ) seems yo work. This is the combo that has helped me. I had a fails MVD 4/13 as well

i tried the bacafen, it knocked me on my buty, its a muscle relaxer, and it got to the point i couldnt stand up and when i fell, i couldnt even lift my head off the ground. i tossed those meds away and Dr gave me Phenytoin no side effects its great