Exhaustion after mvd

had my mvd nearly five weeks ago, it turned out good, had alittle ear loss but the water thing went away. Anyone have complete exhaustion? I am just worn out all of the time, I have to force myself to do anything. I can barely do anything on my excerszie bike like two miles when i use to do 30. How long is this exhaustion going to last and can i drive yet idon't see the doctor for another two weeks

Hi sluggo,
I’m at almost 12 weeks post op and still exhausted…low energy. It’s very frustrating as I anticipated by now I’d be able to do so much more. My doctors say it’s normal and different for everyone…best advice they say is to listen to our bodies…trial and error.
I’m driving only short distances, longer makes me feel unwell and tired.
As long as you have full range of motion with your neck, and feel able to drive you could always start around your neighbourhood to see how you feel.?

i had mine done June 17, 2013 and i get really tired in the afternoon i feel like i have shortness of breath and i need to rest .

does the ear thing get better it feels stuffy please advise

The exhaustion really stuck with me for probably 5 or 6 months. It got better but it was definitely slow. I remember it being REALLY frustrating but the only thing you can do is take it slow. The deconditioning was a real problem for me but it is something you can overcome.

its taken me forever to rebuild strength and fight fatigue, still not where I was nor want to be, but what helped me finally turn the corner was a lil something called a Fitbit. Its an activity tracker that monitors how much you are moving around (EVERYDAY) and how restful you slept. I was shocked to learn that I would be very active (10K steps) and very active (12k steps) than completely inactive (like 2k steps) - it was eye opening as once I made it a habit to get out and walk around (even back in the cold, the rain, etc or indoors on the treadmill) I have made huge jumps. Also you put it into Sleep mode when you go to sleep and if you slept terrible you can see it and know that you may just need to plan for a nap. Further, there were nights that I was convinced I had slept terrible (b/c of an anxiety driven dream of TN returning or such) but it showed I slept solid for many, many hours then once I got "moving" turns out I was fine.

I wear the writstband so I dont lose it :-) but know others who prefer the clipon verison. Regardless it wireless synchs with your smartphone or tablet and the app software is the best of the options (Jawbone UP or Nike Fuel)

Be Well and Be Strong (and Be Patient :)!!! You will get there