Eustachian Tube/Inner Ear problems adding to scenario?

I have wanted to write for a while , but near continuous pain in my eye has made using a computer too much of a challenge .

With regard to the ear pain associated with the neuralgia , it has become more obvious that a long-standing faulty Eustachian Tube , and the apparent resultant build up of liquid in the inner ear (?) or , at least in the point at the join of the upper and lower jaw joints , is often associated with the flare up of the nerve . When I hold my nose and blow , the left ear usually makes a clear popping sound , whereas the right ear makes a noise like a faulty suction-pump , and often takes several seconds to clear ... and often the Eustachian Tube gives out some very strange sensations . This all makes me feel even more in some no-man's-land of a situation. I keep hoping to find an ENT fellow with some idea about neuralgia , or a neurologist who specialises in ENT problems , but no luck yet .

this is how mine started