Endscopy coming up-thoughts please

I’m scheduled for an upper endoscopy Monday after six weeks of a very bad tummy. Much stress and weight loss. I think it’s stress though, as my hub and his 5 sisters and Mom, Dad, his family,don’t buy this GPN stuff. Sometimes it’s worse than the pain to constantly be seen as a fraud. Bad enough to have physical pain, then critics and it’s family-I’m awed by their dysfunction and unfair treatment of a sick woman in pain. Grateful for my Dear Daughter, who has seen and knows. I have TMJ too and a tumor out of gum this year…But, family, my family, most dead, wouldn’t have done this.

I’ve talked to The GI AT length, as I did have an attack another sirgery situation after intubation,neck tilted back, face mask lasting an hour. Not sure which caused it, but had been in a remission for some time and it was such an attack, pain put me in bed for 3 months.

Now I have to have a tube, about size of adult pinky finger, down my throat and I’m afraid it will rub the nerve, plus I have Eagle’s syndrome. However, all my GPN IS all on mt left side, atypical ear, tongue, cheek, and talking brings on pain. The GI was concerned but feels it’s necessary. He will lay me on right side, lube the scope, spray lidocaine use a pediatric mouth gaurd, and try to be quick. I’m wondering if he can do all this an avoid my left throat.

I can’t take antiseizures as had rash after Neurontin. Nobody will give me one tegretol, due to Neurontin rash, but I would feel so secure if I had one. Now, I had a hysterectomy two years ago with 100 mg of a Tegretol, no rash, no problems. Felt fine.

Appreciate any thoughts and grateful.

Kathyg --can you give a little more history ? Are your " tummy" problems in the stomach or also the bowels ? Are you able to take opiates ? Has anyone tried a Sphenopaltine block for the palate pain ? Have you tried any Emla cream topically for the inner ear pain ? ( a doctor at Duke rec. that to me ) . I am sorry for your family issues --coming from a family that believes one can will oneself out of any bad situation I can sympathize.

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Thank you for your last thought… I’d rather be sick, than the persecutors. There judgement day will come and I dare not predict the punishment, but often think they will feel what we do as part of it.

My tummy just very loud and gurgley. But not sure if it’s colon or tummy. I can’t do any more blocks. Had many with TMJ and set back. I use Tramadol, only thing that helps.have not heard of ear cream send appreciate to know more?

My gut tells me to forgo the endoscopy and just do colonoscopy. My daughter is so tore up by the stress and I can’t take a set back to find out why. I deeply regret sticking with a narcissistic alcoholic, that has made me miserable and I took it all, because I was ill. I let this happen and still am in no position to move. He wants mutual file and give me 10% of his salary.im scared I won’t be able to pay my huge med bills as I have bladder condition, too. Sorry, venting…

My gurgling noise is in morn and about 2 hours after I eat.no pain now and not much indigestion, bowels irregular.

Thanks for your thought and caring.



I have had the endoscopy with the doctor taking precautions as your doctor is preparing to do.. It was all good! Best of luck to you and God bless!


I actually am in much of the same dilemma. I have MS, Sjogrens and GPN. Now they are wondering whether I have crohns, ulcerated colitis or possible behcets after some very serious issues that have arised in the last few months...

They are also wondering whether behcet's may be the cause of my GPN. However, I cannot see how it would as my pain is always right sided and cannot see how a condition like that could only be on one side. So I have to undergo numerous tests now to find out what is going on inside.

I am reluctant for endoscope because I had a severe GPN attack after one 15 years ago. So for now we are doing the colonscopy and see what that turns up, but will then discuss further the endoscope and how we can minimise any issues. However, was told there is no guarantee they won't disturb the nerve...

With your Eagles Syndrome you do realise that is the probably the cause of your GPN, not a separate issue but a rather a symptom of Eagles?

In regards to family you want to print off information of Eagles Syndrome and symptoms. If you show them pictures of the styloid processors and the nerve they may then get their head around how GPN can occur in this condition.

Have you considered to have corrective surgery on the styloid processor?

I am going to skip it. Colonoscopy for now. Just can’t feel worse.

So sorry to hear about your suffering, especially the fact that your hubby and his family aren't taking your serious medical issues seriously. It is so frustrating trying to make people understand. I had an endoscopy while suffering from GPN and it went pretty well. My throat was a bit more sore afterwards, but I also had an esophegeal dilation at the time, and I think that is what caused most of the distress. I am a bit surprised about your medication concerns. I had the opposite problem - I developed a rash from the Tegretol, then I was switched to Neurontin which didn't cause any problems. I don't think the two are related in any way, so it seems odd that they wouldn't give you the Neurontin or maybe Lyrica. Anyway, I hope the procedure goes well. xx

By the way, I have also been having serious tummy troubles lately as well, and I was ultimately diagnosed with gastroparesis. That condition is thought to be caused by a malfunction of the vagus nerve, which being so close to the glossopharyngeal nerve, maybe they are somehow related. Anyway, it is something you might want to ask your GI about. I was diagnosed with a gastric emptying study.