From time to time, especially near dentist appointments I start having dreams about my back teeth falling out. In last nights dream three of my teeth fell out as well as part of my jawbone which then had black on one end like it had been rotting in my face. Anyone else have disturbing TN related dreams like this?

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In my dreams I have my teeth pulled (already had one pulled) and all pain disappears! And then I say “I told you so” to my neurologists and dentists.


Haha that’s a funny dream. I’ve been considering having mine pulled for a long time!

Yes. Sometimes when I’m going into a flare I dream about my teeth on the ATN side falling out.

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I recommend dental exams every 3, yes three, months. Decay will be found early, and your dreams will stop.

That would be my worst nightmare! Going to the dentist more than every 6 months? I would be in a constant state of fear and pain. After a cleaning my face and jaw flare up for weeks. So I think that’s a big no for me.

Geez, I do not know when this column was first started, so I hope that I am not years late in responding to the post about the dreams. If so, forgive me.

I have that dream about the teeth falling out quite often. I have not been going to the dentist as often as they would like for me to, so it may be anxiety about that. My teeth are in very good shape, and I brush three times a day, and floss daily, so that’s my justification.
My dentist himself knows quite alot about TN, and is very compassionate. The hygienists however, do not. I have one or two whom I have “trained” and educated about TN but I cannot be sure that I will get them for my appointment.

Not too late at all! Welcome to the club! Haha. The club no one wants to be in. Wow. I should take a hint from you and educate my hygienist, I end up going in there like a dog with its tail between its legs. So scared and defeated already, I try to just to tell them that I have anxiety and get medicated enough to not run out of the room.

Thanks Kate6,
Yeah, I try to give my hygienists a clue, but still, when I am really in pain, I have had one say, “Now you stop that!”
Nothing like being treated like a child on top of the pain. No, I do not like to go to the dentist. I am glad to know that there are others like me.

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Yea it’s ALWAYS great to be treated like a child or like you don’t know anything. Which is what most doctors and dentist offices do, in my experience. Oh man no you are not alone! I start worrying about it a month before the appt and it usually stays with me a month of two after depending on how intense it was. If only there was a way to keep our mouths healthy without every stepping foot in a dental office.

I am so lucky that I have had the same dentist from before my TN pain. Unfortunately when it first started she was off on maternity leave and the young locum pulled two molars because I said “I want them out”. Did nothing for the pain. Just after that I had to see a neurologist and told him about the strange “electric” shocks in my teeth. He then diagnosed me with TN.
Getting back to my dentist. She came back and educated herself about TN. When she works on my teeth, she would regularly check if I am still comfortable. So lucky to have her!

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