"Do you have thoughts of hurting yourself?"

Do your Drs ask you this when you go back for check ups to get your meds refilled "do you have thoughts ?

It drives me nuts and seriously I am like "should I be having these thoughts??" "I like me, why on earth would I hurt ME??"

I did have a horrible reaction to Tregretol, which made me actually have suicidal thoughts - luckily my Pops called (I had been crying on the floor under my dining room table for 45min or so, I could no longer make my smartphone work nor my computer) then he came over right away and sat with me until it was out of my blood (5hrs), then I was normal again. Its weird I remember having those thoughts, but I'm a pretty positive person. So its creepy

But back to the issue, do they ask you this every time? It sucks my energy for like 2 days each time...

Mine does, only because I have had some horrible thoughts from medications that were added (but were removed since then). It doesn’t really bug me, as I look at as my doctor and nurses are reading my charts and paying attention. The other reason they ask is I have told my doctors I’m having a rough time dealing with having such nasty afflictions, especially since also being diagnosed with fibromyalgia at the start of the summer. But to be back on subject; this is when I am at the doctors. When I call in for refills on some of my scripts no this is not asked, rather they want to make sure I’m not out or abusing my medications then. That actually does bug the crud out of me, the later of the two, but then again I can understand why.

My doctor doesn't ask. And yes, I did have the same kind of thoughts, especially while on Neurontin. I don't have them now on Lyrica but then again my psychiatrist added some antidepressants a while back and I realized how much I needed them. My pain is better controlled now (although I had another oral surgery yesterday and I don't know yet how I will feel in a few days' time) and my suicidal thoughts were closely linked to my pain - I just couldn't imagine living with it for the rest of my life, I'm 33 and the pain was eating me alive. I also felt nostalgic (and sometimes I still do) about my life before ATN, and it didn't help either..

I feel like you Albee. I understand the question and the whys and... but to have the thought put into your head when it does not exist is kinda weird!

I do not wish myself dead but do wish the pain away and sometimes hope I will not waken until it is gone. But harm, no, never!


when are you scheduled fro MVD. I would love to talk to u

Hi Albee, funny (or not) I’ve never been asked.
I did recently feel very “dark”, absolutely nothing could lift the dark heavy fog I was under for aprox 24hrs, didn’t like that feeling at all! Attributed it to the recent addition of Neurontin
( gabapentin) and told my doc and we’ve been weaning off since. I haven’t felt it return, ( thank god!)
Like you I understand why they would ask, just doing their job I guess…but I can understand how it would make you feel…maybe suggest to your doctor that it upsets you to be asked each time and you’ll let them know if you’re at that place, if ever…
(( hugs )) Mimi

One day when I was having my worst attack ever, my husband asked what he could do for me and I said, "get my gun." I don't think I meant it, but those words would have never come out of my mouth or crossed my mind before TN.

I think though, you have to consider that maybe some docs have lost a patient on some of these meds to suicide, and they don't want that to happen again. They also may have had a prior law suit. Doctors learn from experience too, and if they have had patients with very bad experiences with these meds or this disorder, it is their job to ask. Some of them just aren't very tactful about it.

Your Pops sounds wonderful xx