Did being "in shape" or not affect your MVD recovery?

I'm considering MVD and have decided to lose a little weight and get strong before hand. I figure this definitely can't hurt, but does anyone have a story or advice about how their own good health level, or lack thereof, improved their expected recovery?

With MVD, general condition and weight don't seem to have major first-order effects on recovery. Minimizing the amount of manipulation that the nerve receives during the procedure is considered by some medical professionals to be a factor in better outcomes.

On the other hand, quite a number of meds used in TN tend to contribute to weight gain. If you can improve your own overall stamina and feeling of well-being by dropping a few pounds by diet supplemented by moderate non-impact exercise which raises dopamine levels in your bloodstream, then so much the better for you. You'll tolerate stress better and feel better, which tends to reduce pain sensitivity. For exercise, consider Tai Chi -- NOT Pilates. For diet, you might look into the non-inflammatory diet being promoted by the US TN Association, based on the healthy heart diet of the American Heart Association.

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Red Lawhern, Ph.D.

Resident Research Analyst, LwTN

I can tell you I laid around for months…beforehand…I had the strength to lift on and off the bed pan cause I wanted nooo catheter…other than that… Stayed in bed for 3 weeks after…stayed fluffy-ish till recently …

Kc Dancer Kc said:
I can tell you I laid around for months....beforehand.......I had the strength to lift on and off the bed pan cause I wanted nooo catheter.....other than that.... Stayed in bed for 3 weeks after....stayed fluffy-ish till recently ......


I had this exact discussion with a trainer from the gym almost two weeks ago. The trainer knows about my condition and what happens. The trainer told me that if you are healthy enough to exercise and if you doctor has said it is alright for you to work out, there is no reason to hold back, it can only do you a whole lot of good.

I had my MVD six months ago, followed by a really serious case of meningitis, so I had a lot to get over. I had to wait a little bit until I was strong enough, but as soon as I could, I started working out, cycling, walking, lifting small weights. I am still not back to where I was, but am working on it and will hopefully get there.

You can only do good to yourself by exercising. Being fit definitely helps you recover faster and honestly, I have found that while I am working out, it is one of the few times when I don't have pain (I have TN on the other side now). I don't understand the reason for that but its true. I have also found that I have been feeling steadily stronger over the last couple of months.

Good luck with your exercise goals and keep it going.


I am sure that the better shape you are in helps with recovery. The stronger you are, the better. :-)