Cured and no more pain

December 10, 2013!! A date i will never forget.
I am a 24yr old female and for the past 8yrs I have been in absolute hell (as anyone with tn can relate to).
I had to resign from my job last yr due to the pain, nearly committed suicide, I had a breakdown from the years of pain and over 14 medications I was put on over the 8yrs to try and reduce the pain…none of which worked, a few visits to hospital were made when the pain was soo bad, I couldnt stop vomiting, appointments with neurologist, neurosurgons, maxiliofacial surgons and dr’s then telling me the only option now was a brain operation.
I found it hard that no-one could understand what I was going thru, my mum even had someone tell her that I was just making it all up for attention as I still put a smile on my face no matter what I was like.
It was around may last yr that mum told me I was going to a chinese herbalist on december 10. I was fairly anti going to him as it was just another person with another opinion. But I decided to go ahead to make mum happy that we at least tried it.
So on the 10th, we went off to see Mr Lim (Indooroopilly shopping centre, qld)…5hrs later we walked out of his office…and the pain was gone and hasnt been back to date!!
What he did was he looked at the many many bloodtest results and the overall health of my entire system, 2hrs of full body (front and back) acupuncture, cupping and deep tissue massage (next layer down than what massage therapist go).
On top of that I have to have ‘nude foods’, basically porridge for brekkie, broiled chicken fish and vegies, a bit of fruit, a handful of raw almonds…plus about 12 or more vitamins a day and lemon water and eno’s to alkaline my system.
By doing all this, the pain is no more and I now know what it is like to put makeup on without pain, smile without pain and so much more.
I just wanted to share my story to tell people there is someone out there who can help.
Details for Mr Lim are:
Suit 42, level 6, Indooroopilly shopping town, Qld 4068.
T: 07 3720 2399
M: 0411 157 207
Please, if you are suffering from Tn (or any health

Thanks for sharing your story !! I’m so pleased for you!!
If I could get to Queensland, I would most definitely give it a go, there’s something to be said for Chinese medicine/ herbology!
It has helped me with other non TN related issues.
I did try in the past, and might just look into trying again! The trick is finding a good practitioner!
Thanks again, continued well being wishes for you! Enjoy!
(( hugs )) Mimi

Thanks mimi.
So much more I could have added but the important thing is that i have found someone who can cure it without meds and operations and I can share that :slight_smile: Mr Lim has a waiting period of 7mths before you can see him so if you end up visiting qld, call him in advance :slight_smile:
I have a dig at mum every now and then as she knew about him 4yrs ago and didnt say anything haha
I hope you find someone who can help you thru this trial. xx

Thank you so much for sharing, I have been looking into alternative forms of treatments and herbs to try.

I wish you continued success and pain free days!!