Curae'lase Inc

I went to another doctor yesterday. Dr. Shallcross. He is going to use the Curaelase treatment on me for the neuralgia. He says that I am A-typical because I don't have one type of neuralgia but it sounds like several combined. I start treatment on Monday and it will last for 3 weeks. Dr. Shallcross only has the machine for 3 more weeks. Then it will go back to the doctor/owner in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Since our time is limited, he wants to see me twice a day for the next two weeks and hopefully scale back to once a day the last week. The doctor is not charging me for treatment. He is trying it on several patients to see how beneficial it would be to his practice. Please read about it and I will let you all know as I progress.


I wish you every success in finding improvement in your pain levels and for a suitable treatment, but at risk of sounding very negative here, curalase /lazermed is something I have read about extensively, and it has caused some exceptionally heated discussions on the LWTN page and others I might add.

I don't know about even mentioning it on the boards but one of the mods over there went as far as to say discussion of the company/treatment was against terms and conditions and that it could result in suspended membership, due to how dubious it all was; rightly or wrongly I dunno, and that is not at all my reason for replying.

This company has been discussed in depth over there on on a number of boards I've used over the years, but as it hasn't been brought up here previously, and I think that it does deserve to be discussed, if even limited to one thread.

Others may disagree with me on that, but I think that as it is something that is reported to "help" that it does deserve its place to be discussed, even if it is to warn people, because it's such a hugely contovertial thing that if people have never read about it or heard the information on it previously, there needs to be some information available here.

Now I have NO personal experience of this company, I have no association/affiliation, experience, or axe to grind; but from all I have seen about these guys under their various guises over the last few years I think it would be irresponsible of me not to comment on it.

The web is littered with miraculous claims about it, and also discussion of it being a rip off merchant scam in place to exploit the desperate. That and also personal attacks sent out from the alleged founder/ director some kinda head honcho to a member on the LWTN site, but that's by the by.

There is no evidence ( that I am aware of) to support its claims for TN, let alone for GPN, and although FDA approved, it is approved as "safe" NOT as effective.

If indeed you are getting offered free treatment, then all well and good, and I offer all the best if you have nothing to lose, as, as to my knowledge it is " safe" my caution would be to those looking at it as a cure and shelling out thousands of dollars in the process to find that there is no theraputic benefit to be gained (except maybe as a placebo? I don't know) Now maybe I should rephrase that, maybe there is theraputic value in it, maybe it relieves stress, is relaxing, whatever, I don't know, but what I am certain of through my reading is that it is not theraputic in the sense of relieving pain or offering a cure.

So please don#t think I reply to be negative, only to offer a cautionary word to those who would spend thousands to find a cure where there is no evidence to support that being the case.

Much love and all my pain free vibes headed your way

Gracie x x x

I’m not entirely sure how this system operates for neuro pain, understand the basics?? Just wanted to mention - I’d ask the doctor about potential side effects if the laser stimulates the 10th cranial nerve?? (since many GPN folks also have this nerve impacted too, branch runs down neck to heart) I know when I worked in hospital prior and completed vitalstim therapy, we had to be ultra careful not to stimulate the vagus. <I know you’d think doctors would think about that, but some of them may not believe it or not…> Let us know how it works!!

Denise , I was at the clinic in Myrtle Beach last Dec. for almost 6 weeks. They said I was one of their most difficult patients. Treatments were twice a day for 20 minutes and it cost me thousands of dollars. I have heard of some being helped. However, I have maintained limited contact with some who receiving treatment at the same time I was there. They are still having difficulty. The site that kicks you off for talking about Curelase is maintained by neurosurgeons, who have there own practice. Also, you must be careful that it is not used closed to the thyroid gland. Lets just say, at least your treatments are free. I believe there may be potential in laser therapy someday but I did not get any relief.

Its me again, just thought I would tell you to search under trigeminal neuralgia and the Laser Med Center will pop up. I think Curae'lase is the marketing arm for the laser machines. The med center does the treatments and they are located in the same office. Again, I personally do not know of anyone that was cured or had substancial relief of pain. We were a desperate group looking for help. They claim to have had great success. I met one woman who was back for another round of treatments, who said it had worked for her. Except for her, I don't know of any that I followed up with who received a cure or help. Hope you have success but I would not spend my money again. Since it is free, go for it, nothing to lose. Best wishes, as you may be one of the lucky few.

Thanks Nancy but I have already had the Curae'lase treatments. Did nothing for me.