Corelate tn - ms

Can I find some info which corelates TN with MS / Brain tumors & Tremors

Below I've posted some info with links. When searching for overlapping diseases it helps to use the term "comorbidity". TN is considered very rare so there really aren't studies so much as there are individual "case studies". Almost all of them are advertisements for individual doctors or surgery centers. Here's very little I could find.

"It has an estimated annual incidence of 12.6 per
100,000 person-years"

"Trigeminal neuralgia is fairly rare, with only 4% of people with MS experiencing this kind of pain. However, people with MS are 400 times more likely than the general population to have an episode of trigeminal neuralgia."

This seems backed up here:

"TN is the first symptom of multiple sclerosis in 1–4%, and it affects 5–10% of multiple sclerosis patients."

Also notable from this study(see Table 1 same page), 50.7 of participants had hypertension. 36.9% moderate and 13.8% severe. But it may not be a reason for worry as the mean age of participants in this study was 62.5. Older people in Western society tend to have this regardless of other health issues present.

But in this study…

"Trigeminal neuralgia was found in 6.3% of MS cases."

About two percent of trigeminal neuralgia patients harbor a tumor or some other sort of mass compressing the trigeminal nerve.

(MS only studies)

"…estimated the prevalence of tremor in multiple sclerosis to be 75%"
Note another study cited in the same article indicated 27%. Overall 10%-13% of people with MS have disabling tremors.