Coping with Stabbing Pain in Throat

Does anyone have any tips on how to lessen or stop the awful stabbing pain in my throat. I find if I'm slouching on the sofa the stabbing starts/gets worse but if I'm sitting up straight or standing if goes off some what. Anyone else find this?

I thought I had my butterflies under control till I was slouching on couch 2 nights ago. The butterflies got stronger and consistent after sitting like this. By morning I had a seizure… I won’t be slouching anymore!

My pain is very sensitive to the precise position and angle of my head. It's always been worse when lying down. It used to be worse if I just leaned slightly forward as when reading a book, but currently it isn't.

The situation this month is that I am mostly pain-free when lying on my back, but I've never been able to sleep like that. I can't sleep on the left (GPN) side. The only possibility for sleep is the right side (that's the TN side). Once I lie down, I have to wait for the stabbing sensation to end and then go to sleep. Any movement of the mouth will start the pain again. Usually, the pain will start up after I've been asleep a few hours, so I then get vertical until it dies down and try to sleep again. I used to have pain in the throat but now it is mostly the chin and jaw, radiating sometimes towards the ear or throat.

I can handle the pain when I'm awake but the lack of sleep is really getting to be a problem. I'm trying sublingual vitamin B12 for the pain. I did initially get a reduction in pain of 50% but after a month it seemed to return again, so I've upped the dose.

Anyone seen 'The Elephant Man'

my story is very long and detailed however I won't bore you with the details of that - I'll tell you how I discovered to nullify the pain and stop the attacks once they were happening.

Anyone seen the Elephant Man? The point where he's determined to sleep like a normal person knowing that lying down will kill him? Well, I got to a point where I determined to eat properly once and for all; the attacks had been happening constantly for three years and I had just hit my lowest point (on the verge of, if not actually having a breakdown). I'd gone undiagnosed for all this time, been unable to eat properly, drink, sleep, clean my teeth properly; the list went on!

So, there I was, at this point - Heinz Tomato soup - my favourite; steaming away in a bowl and ready for eating. I was determined to eat it like a human again. I took a spoonful and swallowed; sure enough, boom, boom, boom, the pain starts to evolve and within a couple of seconds...well, you know the rest.

Remaining determined, I took another spoonful and forced a swallow; I was writhing in pain but was not going to let this beat me.

I swallowed - it stopped.

As I write this I can recall the impact of what happened. I relaxed for a few seconds and decided to trigger it again to see if swallowing would really stop it. Triggering the attacks was easy enough, they were occurring at least eighty times a day; I set the ball rolling and waited for the pain. As the attack began, I took a mouthful of soup and swallowed; swallowed like a normal human being and immediately, the attack stopped; cut short, gone...

Swallowing against the attack is the number one hardest thing to do, you have to be brave and strong and just do it - everything points to it becoming worse, I know that but for me, pushing through it and swallowing absolutely killed the pain dead. Agreed, this is totally unconventional but it absolutely worked for me (and still does when I'm suffering); I realise that it won't work for everyone but if it helps one person then try it - do it - be brave and force a swallow against the flow of the pain and hopefully you'll feel the same way I did when I first discovered it....

One last thing....try giving your ear lobe a slight downward tug when you're suffering an attack. It's not as full proof but does go someway to stopping the pain.

Definitely try swallowing though! Please let me know if this works for anyone??

Yes and in particular for me, swallowing HOT things always helped. I even went through a phase of eating spicy crisps (sucking the spice from them then swallowing!) as at least it occupied the half hour it would take to eat them. Only problem is weight gain! So instead I found a herbal tea which contains VALERIAN ROOT which in ancient times was actually used as an anaesthetic and I find it helps for a short period after drinking it (and helps me sleep).

Hi granadam. I am a new member. I will introduce myself later today.just can’t type now. Possible gpd is last thing I needed to add to my list. Hopefully I just imagined this pain which is very new. Valarian root was recommended to me years ago by a Russian dentist treating me for some thing(forgot details.) I bought some V. but never used it. Anyone else have MS? -esther

I had TN years ago. One attack for about a weeks duration. It was beyond terrible. Dr.Harold Klawans wrote great story about patient he treated with TN. Will try to remember title! esther