Constellation of facial nerve problems, including TN


I'm hoping that someone on the network has dealt with something similar.

Almost 2 years ago I started to have TN symptoms. They arrived slowly. Next the 7th cranial nerve was involved, causing muscle paralysis. Next came eye tracking difficulties (6th cranial nerve). Then auditory (8th nerve). I have had 4 MRIs over a period of a year and no signs of brain stem tumor. One set of docs thinks brain tumor. The other set says progressive degenerative multiple cranial nerve neuropathy. I've been a diabetic for 40 years and have mostly good control. I take 3600 mg gabapentin daily and that kills the shooting TN pains. Always some pain and tingling. Migrates from place to place. Right side of my face is almost totally paralyzed and without feeling. I drink with a straw from the left side of my mouth. I eat with a small mirror cupped in my left hand so I can tell if the food is in my mouth or sticking out. Right nostril runs all the time.

Well those are the main symptoms. Anybody else have something like this? My doctors obviously don't know what is going on.

Thanks for reading all this.


Never heard of this. I did have muscle paralysis on TN side of my face for about a week right before TN problems started. Also I have bad sinus problems on TN side of my face.

Good luck and many blessings to you!