Botox Therapy for GPN

I’ve read about some clinical trials using botox to treat Trigeminal Neuralgia. Has anyone tried botox for GPN…or heard about botox used to treat GPN? Thanks!

In order to successfully treat GPN one must understand it. GPN is a structural deformity that is caused either by a malformation of an artery(vascular loop) or rarely by pressure from a tumor. Botox can never fix this. Perhaps it could decrease symptoms.


While I agree with rmc's comment about about the nature of GPN, it would be interesting to see what the clinical trials are doing for botox injections for TN. I wonder where the injection sites would be to try to provide relief?

Do you have any links to articles about clinical trials or results?


I will search for a link. From what I read, the botox was not injected at the skull base but in the face where the symptoms appear. I know that it’s not a cure; it looks like it relieves symptoms…I’d do almost anything for that.

After experiencing a brief flare up a couple weeks ago, I was able to get by on two to three doses of Gabapentin. I went straight to the accupuncturist after experiencing it for a couple of days. This is after talking myself out of - and second-guessing myself - telling myself that this couldn't be throat cancer (and cancelling my appointment with the ENT). I had five treatments over the two-week period where the accupuncture needles were localized around my right ear and neck.

This disease surely does get my mind racing!

I know this isn't botox, but have found relief after both flareups (2011 - January to May) and this last episode. Still can feel a tiny "twinge" but hoping to have set it back into remission!

Good luck :)