Body pain please help

Is there a link between osteoperosis and TN?? I was told 2 years ago after an MRI of my legs and bone density test that I have osteoperosis and I’m only 27. I also am getting severe pains through my body and I’m somehow retaining water. I’m so swollen I can’t even make a fist and its so painful . I also have horrible pains in my index finger on top of tn pain and I. Want to commit myself because I can’t take all the pain and not having meds works… 7 more days untill my new neuro… And thoughts will def help

Have you looked into Lupis or fibromyalgia?

No I haven’t… I’ve looked into MS and I’m gonna be tested the next time I’m at the dr… I will def look into that as well I appreciate it :slight_smile: very scary thing to go through:(