Bizarre, painful, spontaneous biting

I have a bizarre new symptom: my mouth randomly biting down as hard as it can! It woke me up while I was sleeping two nights again and is happening again this morning.

I googled it and it sounds like it's something called trismus. "Trismus is a motor disturbance of the trigeminal nerve and results in a spasm of the masticatory muscles causing difficulty in opening the mouth."

Waiting to hear back from my Doctor to see if heat, cold, or Prednisone, etc. will help :)

I wondered if it could be a side effect of an anti seizure medication? Just a thought being as I am not a doctor. But when i first read your title I wondered... How awful for you, I hope your doc gets something to help you!!!

Thanks for the well wishes :)

Yeah, it's so strange! The only medicine I'm on is Prednisone 5mg (and next week down to 2.5mg). Luckily it hasn't happened for a few hours now :)

Thank goodness..TN is hard enough. I get muscle spasms in my thighs and arms with Trileptal. So I thought maybe..... Good luck. I hope they don't come back!!!