Bilateral GPN - Right side done 12/04/2015

Just wanted to let everyone know I had my right side MVD by Dr. Fukushima on 12/4/15. He found 3 large veins clustered & entangled with the 9th GPN nerve. How about that. One down. Next year the left side. At least the left side showed up on my 3T MRI. Yes, I have it bilaterally. I always knew I was a rare bird. Hahahaha.

Awesome news! Hope you are feeling better after the op :)

The reason for the 'How about that' comment: It took 5 years to get doctors to believe me. It wasn't until my August 2015 3T MRI showed I had it on the left side that they believed me on the right side. Duke University Neurosurgery department was the first to see it on the right. 3 other neurosurgeons didn't. The neuro radiologist in Charlotte didn't see it on the right either.

Being Bilateral all doctors instantly thought I was a mental case. An experience too many of us all share.