ATN - A Tyranical 'Non-Friend'

ATN – A Tyrannical ‘Non-friend’

Hello again,

My lifelong so called ‘friend’.

You came in without invitation or warning,

Time of day irrelevant, could be day, night or morning.

I remember our first meeting,

No ‘hello may I enter?’

or any other greeting.

I was so young and afraid,

“leave me alone, get out of my head!”

I begged & prayed.

You hung on and built a home,

A place you frequently enjoy to roam.

As the years went on,

I searched for a way to get you to leave.

From your ravaging pain, there seemed little reprieve.

You’d be quiet for a spell, an intermittent break.

But forget me forever? That’s something you just wouldn’t take.

You show your power and all your might,

You bring me to my knees both day and night.

I weep & beg ‘relief of some kind!’

But there just isn’t relief I can find.

And now we’ve come to this place,

Where YOU my friend I must bravely face.

So my ‘friend’ you say?,

A lifelong companion that just won’t go away.

There is something you have yet to discover,

I’ve got strength and resilience like no other.

So as you stab, pound & pierce,

I’ll dig deeper, growing ever-more fierce.

As you choose to ravage me with pain,

I choose to never let you get me down again.

I choose to see all the blessings I have,

A family, a home, a wonderful man.

Food on the table and good deeds by my hand.

So many blessings, and so much to give.

You may ravage me in pain, but I WILL live.

I choose to ignore you, my unwanted guest,

You will NOT disturb my life & my rest.

When you stroll in,

I’ll simply wave good-bye.

I’ll focus on my blessings,

I’ll try not to cry.

Come and go, roam where you may.

I will bravely face this day.

There’s one little fact you seem to pass by,

I am the whole, and you but one fraction.

So my dear friend, in the end, in MY life,

You’ll have no satisfaction.

~KP Oct 2012~

Wow! You are very talented! Thanks for sharing! (( hugs )) Mimi

Beautifully brave

How I feel :) xxx