Has anyone heard of Aptiom instead of Tegretol or has tried it? My dr. just put me on it because of the nastier side effects that won't go away with the higher doses.

I used it and liked it but my insurance company refused to pay for it. It just hasn’t been out there long enough was the insurance companies reason. I ended up on Neurontin. Best Wishes.

Ask your pharmacist what side effects to look for… They are underutilized!

Thank you, both. So far, so good! The side effects seem the same as tegretol but you don't need as high a dose.

sy is this to do. ZStella

Hi Mary, I know your original post regarding Aptiom is about 6 months old, I just came across it while googling for some insurance related info. Anyhow, I have been taking it for about three months and am having good results, and experiencing the least pain in quite some time. The side effects are minimal for me - I think the time-release properties of this drug are somewhat to credit for this. The burning and stabbing up the side of my head and face are less frequent and less intense, sooooooo much better. Hope you are still benefiting from it!

Thank you for replying! So far, I have not had any shocks but i m taking 800 mg. in the morning and within 2 hours, I can’t keep y eyes open. I have to take a nap. Do you mind me asking what your dosing is like. I was also taking 400 mg. of Tegretol before bed but my sodium levels dropped to 129 so he took one away and waiting to hear back on the new blood work.

My neurologist just mentioned this at my last appointment as an option to try in the future. Glad to see others having positive results.