Anyone know if there is a similar drug to Cymbalta? It's SO expensive!

my nuerosurgeon put me on cymbalta and tegratol for type 2 TN, but the cymbalta was 95 dollars for one month because there is no generic. Anyone know of a similar drug I could ask for?

Christian… I asked my neurologist the very same question. He offered Effexor. I don’t know if that comes in generic or not. I opted to stick with the cymbalta because it was so effective for me The pain relief was worth every cent!! U may try checking the price of meds at a privately owned small pharmacy. I have found them to be much cheaper because they don’t have the huge overhead to pay. Hope that helps!!

Effexor - was really good for my anxinty many years ago (it's hard to quit the med, though).

and i heard it's a decent replacement for Cymablata .

also - Cymbalta and Tegretol - doctors here, in Israel are really cautious of giving both meds toghther.

my doctor wanted me to add Tegretol - but wanted to me get to DECREASE my dose of cymbalta first - cause he was afraid to two meds don't "go toghter" in high doses.

I get my meds from Safe, legal and a lot cheaper. They also have the generic equivelent that the us doesn't have yet. You have to fax or send them your script. Got it off the Minnesota State website. Minnesota gets their meds for state workers from Canada because of the cost in the us. FREE SHIPPING