Anyone get cardiac arrhythmias from this?

I am interested if you do and what you do for it. Thanks!


My understanding is that if the heart is affected the VN could be as well as the GPN. Only a cardiologist can determine for sure. They should have you wear a halter monitor for overnight or longer.

My neurologist wanted me to see my cardiologist with the thought that I needed to have a pacemaker. My cardiologist believes that the literature/research doesn’t support a pacemaker in cases where the VN is affected. My own research supports the cardiologist.

***Having said all that two of the side effects of the medicines I tried were a racing heartbeat and severe shaking, which really surprised my neurologist. The medicines were Phenytoin Sodium and Nortriptyline HCl.

So, I guess the point in all this is that yes it could be the neuralgia, but it could also be unrelated or caused by something else.

The literature I see says you can get arrhythmias. I do. Take Inderol for it when it happens and it goes away for awhile. A monitor will give you a picture of what is happening while you wear it and if nothing is going on.....nothing is going on. Anyone have this in their jaw? Looking for some input and support on this issue. Thanks!