An old hand at chronic illness

I’ ve had chronic back pain since age 22 …am 34 now and although the first 6months were rubbish having mri scans and going to physiotherapy, I learned to deal with it. I finally realised I was stuck with it, then went swimming every week and the osteopath if it ever got bad. I’ve only ever had one day of work due to back pain. I’ve always seen the bright side of it…it keeps me fit and I would never have done exercise…now a challenge dealing with TN. Mine started in the middle of a divorce and after a whiplash injury. I am trying cranial osteopathy which is amazing. my face was tight from contorting within, but she totally relaxed it…There is still the burningthough. I’m taking magnesium strong vit b tabs …I was almost zombie on gabapentin and now I’m used it it makes me go slower but I think doing too much caused this. I think the key tovdealing with this will be learning relax properly. I had attacks in Jan and may then Sept so come December I’m going to tryto relax as much as possible and do cranial osteopathy…take more gabapentin …has anyone got any tips …any success stories of dealing with this ? I ate a lot garlic yesterday and I might have imagined itbut it felt a bit better …any ideas