Am I imagining this

Ok so I live in the uk in Exeter Devon.

So far I have seen

2 surgeons,1 oncologist,1endocrinologist,1 general

doctor.They all say the same thing

"Oh I have never heard of first bite syndrome"

Please tell me it exists and I am not imagining the pain that I feel.

Hi Brandybabby. I live in the UK also. I'm sorry but I had never heard of this before. I have just googled it. There is some info out there but none appears to have been written in the UK so I'm not surprised the Drs seem to no nothing about this. I will ask Red if he has any info on this. Mary

Thank you Mary the medication is helping .would love to speak to someone else that has it.surly I can't be the only one .

I've spoken to Red and he has said that this is extremely rare. He has suggested reading this article

Also may be good idea to look at then UK TNA site.

There are Doctors on the TN site You may find someone there.

Hope this helps.


Thanks this article describes it exactly.Looks like I'm on the correct medication.

I will show this to the next doctor that I see

Thanks once again.