Advice on If thinking of cutting a peice or the whole trigiminal nerve

Hi , My name is Jorge and my mother was suffering from TN on the right side of her face since 1995 to 2012 and believe me it sucks and make you angry when watching someone suffer and not being able to help. My mother had every kind of procedure done on her and some worked for a while but every time after the pain came twice as worse. MDN, Gamma knife, Bone chairiemalformation , accupuncture, special healers, magnets, massages, botox, B12, Magniesum, teeth pulled out, the balloon thing, every thing you can think of. Until, One day I finnally convinced her to cut the nerve and now finally regrets not doing it a long time ago. yes, she can't feel her face and is the best thing that has happened to her.

I will ask mom to post a video soon; so if you want any questions answed just post them on here. Thanks


Did she ever have an MVD?

yes The MVD was the first major surgery she had and the pain went away or went from a scale of 10 to 5 for about an year.