3 weeks after MVD Surgery

I am doing good, taking it really easy as I was advised by the hospital. The only concern I have is my scar from time to time it feels like it stretching and feels weird does anybody or has anybody experienced this? I still get occasional pain if its really bad I take my medication but managing well without it at the minute.

So glad you are doing good! I bet your scar feeling like that is just from healing. ((((((((HUGS))))))))

Yes, your scar will feel like that at first....over time the skin will relax and begin to feel like normal. I remember mine felt like that as well.

Take it easy, don't overdo things, really this is the best way to go.


I had pretty much the same feeling after my op. I think you need to remember that the MVD is a seriously invasive procedure and as with any post op scar, it can take a long time to settle down. I managed to get mine sunburned about three weeks after the op, not a good idea. It was extremely uncomfortable, but the worst bit was the itching that came when the sunburn had settled down. I'm 16 months post op now and the scar is fine.